About us:


Chad Huffstetler, Lead Pastor

Pastor Chad and his wife, Amber, have served at Knightdale Church of God since October 2009.  They have recently added their newborn daughter, Isabelle, to the family (January 2014).  Both Pastor Chad & Amber love their church family and desire to see everyone fulfill God's plan for his/her life.  On any given week, you may see the Huffstetler's involved in the music program, children's ministry, and teaching/preaching the Bible.



The mission of Knightdale Church of God is to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with everyone.

What we believe:

Simply stated, we believe the Bible.  We are part of the Church of God denomination (Cleveland, TN) and share their basic tenants of faith.  To learn more, visit www.churchofgod.org.

What to expect when you attend a service:

You will find a community of believers that love God and love people.  We are regular people and do not pretend to be anything else.  We understand that without the grace of God, we would not exist today.

We have been asked many times, "How do people dress at your church?"  The answer is simply, "however, they want."  Understand that you may see someone dressed in a suit and someone in jeans/t-shirt on the same day.  We want you to be comfortable and at ease to worship the Lord Jesus.


If you have further questions, please send us an email at info@knightdalechurch.com.